The Wearable Twos

In the past week I’ve made a total of six blouses, and only two of them are wearable, and those two were never intended to be wearable. The other four now reside in the CLOSET OF DOOM, which you’ll hear about at some later date.

The wearable twos were revenge sewing.

You see, when a simple pattern that promises to be a “wardrobe builder” that is “great for beginners” kicks my ass, I feel compelled to exact revenge by sewing it up one final time with no care, no fancy finishes, no nothing except that ALL OF THE PIECES WILL BE SEWN TOGETHER PATTERN. DO NOT EVEN THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE MY MAD, MAD SEWING SKILLS.

And that is how I ended up with two tops that I expected to look like monsters somehow being wearable.

Of course, fate being what it is, none of the pictures turned out well. Or maybe that’s just gravity. Gravity, bad lighting, fate, some kind of cruel curse.

As a total bonus / reward, my 100%* husband stumbled out of bed late (first day of vacation) and right in to my selfie photo session. That was fun 🙂

So, anyway, I decided to show them to you because – hey, look! If you squint a little bit you can tell I made two wearable tops!


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