You Worry So Much, Little Kimono

The Drape

I’ve been obsessively refamiliarizing myself with CSS and WordPress theme customization and such for the past 3 or 4 weeks and haven’t sewn a single stitch, and now here we are: the blog design is done and we have arrived at Sewing Day. This should be fun because I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten everything about how to use my new sewing machine and, possibly, my in-progress, green, double gauze (should I have a hyphen, there?), kimono-style top.

History: I decided to give in to my deep desire to make my own clothes because I haven’t been very successful finding clothes I like that fit me. Between my seemingly unique measurements (really, world? unique? really?) and the availability of clothing I like in fabrics I also like, shopping has been a terrible chore for many years, now. I dreamed of learning how to drape and sew my own designs, and now here we are.

As an aside, I should add that I actually don’t find all that many patterns I really like very much, either. Now that I’m thinking about it, though, this may have as much to do with my non-existent skills around pattern fitting as it does with pattern designs.

Too much neck, here, if by neck you mean belly button.
Too much neck, here, if by neck you mean belly button.

At any rate, this top was inspired by the DIY Boho Kimono Dress over at This seemed like a simple, patternless way to make something, which is just what I was looking for. I read through the instructions, wrote down a few measurements, laid out my fabric, and got to cutting. My changes include deciding not to do an open v neckline in the back, shortening the whole thing to mid-hip, and (probably) excluding the tie under the bust line.

So far, so good. I flat-felled the seams (because I wanted to try it, and also because I thought the fabric needed the weight), so they look very nice, except where the bodice hem “points” come together, which looks meh. I got lazy and decided to simply turn up the hem and do a straight stitch and – also meh. It’s ok I guess. No recollection about why I decided to hem the thing before I finished the sleeves or the neckline, but it probably had to do with being intimidated about trying to finish the sleeves and the neckline.

So let’s talk about that neckline for a minute because it’s problematic. I cut too much material away and now I’m going to have to use more fabric to make a new neckline and attach it to this one, and I feel almost certain this Kimono is trying to warn me that my plan is going to look terrible 🙁 But those are just feelings, and feelings don’t make something true. STOP YELLING, KIMONO. YOU’LL WAKE UP PACO AND HE’LL MAKE ME STOP BUYING CRAFTSY CLASSES.

Today’s plans for this top:

  1. Recut the hemlines for the bodice and sleeves. Instead of a pointy “kimono” style I want the bodice to be a big circle. Ditto with the hemline on the sleeves.
  2. Make wide bias out of coordinating fabric for the neck.
  3. Attach bias to neck.
  4. Rolled hems on sleeves and bodice.

DEEP BREATHS. It’s only fabric, and nobody’s depending on the success of this endeavor.

In other news, I bought another pattern and some more classes from Craftsy. This makes 4 classes I’m now signed up for, at least one of which is likely to be what my next project is all about.

Meanwhile, back to the double gauze with me.


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January 19, 2016 at 04:01 AM

Hey there! Swam on over from Oonaballoona’s blog (all hail Oona!! *lol*) to check yours out. Always looking for sewing inspiration, so here I am following you…hmmm, sounds a little stalkerish, NOT meant to be! *lol* Can’t wait to see the finished product, been considering some form of kimono project myself.

January 19, 2016 at 04:01 AM
– In reply to: Mugsy

Stalkers are totally and 100% welcome, Mugsy. In fact, maybe I should make *that* my tagline. HM!!!!! Thanks for the comment. I’m anxious to see the finished product myself.

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