I live in Austin, Texas. I am an aspiring writer, artist, and seamstress who used to be a technical project manager before I quit my job and said, “work? what’s that?”. I do spend some amount of time every few weeks saying, “What, Sweetie? I can’t hear you. I think you’re breaking up. We must have a bad connection…” when my husband, Paco, asks me how the job hunt is going. This type of behavior used to confuse him, but then we had our 10th anniversary and everything seemed to suddenly become clear to him. Now, when I say things to him like, “You’re going to have to speak a little louder, I can’t hear you over the rush of oncoming traffic” when I’m sitting next to him on the couch while we’re watching TV, he just chuckles knowingly and shows me our bank balance. Then we both feel bad and just go back to watching TV, which usually makes us happy.

The intention of my blog is to share humor, writing, general anecdotes and sewing with my friends, family and (hopefully) the online sewing community, and any other imaginary friends who would like to join us. Sewing is my thaaaaaang right now, although, honestly, that could change at any time.

It would be so awesome if this became a popular blog and I made a gazillion million several hundred tens of thousands of a few  dollars became famous gained some notoriety got a book deal just by being fantastic some people starting visiting, here. At the moment, the only readers are my husband and my mother (and you) and my cousin, Erin, and also some more Facebook friends who actually left comments!. Also, I have no idea how to even begin monetizing a blog1, so there’s that.

In other words, this is just your basic Attention Seeking Hobby Blog With A Dream. A Hobby Blog With A Dream with broken comments, since I can’t currently figure out how to get them to work.

So thank you for coming this far! I hope something here makes you giggle.  Make yourself at home. Post comments. Tell us about yourself. Point me to sewing tips or even to your own blog. We have lots of room here in our fair Groovy Little City.

1That’s a lie. See the first paragraph. I totally know how to monetize a blog. It’s just like leading a horse to water, amiright? LOL! See how funny I am. But really, I do. I just won’t know if this blog knows how to make any money until I see how many people think it’s funny, like I do. I’m creepy that way: I totally know how to see how many people are visiting my blog, and from whence they come. Because I used to be a technical project manager. Project managers can do anything because we are magic.2

2I guess I should go ahead and acknowledge what I think we’re all thinking right now: these footnotes are not unique and are totally derivative of a lot of popular writers. Yes, I know. I remember when I read “A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius” and said to myself, “Good Lord. Someone has invented a useful purpose for footnotes.” Since that time I have considered this application of footnotes to be commonplace good grammar. Because I’m a high school dropout and I decide what’s good grammar and what’s not. And also because – duh! – best selling authors use them to avoid being accused of run-on sentences (whatever those are) all the time.c.3

3Oh dear. I have a feeling another author used this exact same footnote in her book. I remember because I really liked what she had to say. I think I should go ahead and acknowledge what I think we’re all thinking right now: these footnotes are probably plagiarized in addition to be totally derivative of a lot of popular writers. I would check to find out for sure, but I’m too busy sewing, right now.